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Christy Chavers Stutzman has been a teacher, a small business owner, a State Representative, an author and a music composer, all while being actively engaged in political campaigns and conservative advocacy groups for the past twenty years.  As the wife of a member of the US Congress, she traveled widely on diplomatic delegations and has been a long time advocate for pro-life, pro-family causes. She brings practical insight and experience from all levels of government to help you be better engaged, informed and involved.   


She has been a featured radio and podcast guest, and speaks at events across the country.  In her new book, "The Spiritual Price of Political Silence," her intriguing summary of America's Judeo/Christian founding and her clear presentation of the reasons for our current cultural decline is a much needed refresher course for all people of faith in America. This book will give you a step by step tutorial on why and how to be involved at every level of public service.  


Christy is passionate about using the arts to convey God-honoring truths.  She is an accomplished composer, and founded Legacy Theatre Group in 2019 in an effort to produce quality, uplifting stage productions for professional theatre. She recently premiered several Broadway style productions including  "When Calls the Heart: The Musical" and "A Musical Christmas Carol" which are being licensed to theaters worldwide.  

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An Historic Action Handbook for People of Faith
by Christy Chavers Stutzman

The Spiritual Price of
Political Silence

Understanding the Role of Faith in America

Spiritual Price - Cover 1 Mock-up_edited.jpg

In the midst of political chaos and corruption, people of faith in America have been mis-led about the role of faith in America's founding, and their rights and responsibilities as American citizens.

With 20 years of political experience and a deep understanding of history, Christy Chavers Stutzman not only lays out the true facts about the role of faith in America, she also provides a deeper understanding of the humanistic philosophies that have been targeting faith in America for the past century. This book is a tour de force in how and why people of faith were a vital part of forming America, and why they are duty-bound to take political action - NOW!     


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Author and Host of

 Fox and Friends Weekend


United States Senator - KY


Pastor, Radio & Podcast Broadcaster & Candidate for Indiana Lieutenant Governor 

"This book is not just timely, it is 

essential reading for every person of faith in America today.  Christy Stutzman's summary of our Judeo/Christian history, her clear explanation of our journey to moral decline, and her practical presentation of how and why people of faith must be involved in the public arena is brilliantly presented. If we want to reclaim America's spiritual birthright, we now have a roadmap to do so"  

"Every one of our Founding Fathers knew that for America to be successful, it would require a 'virtuous' people.  Christy Stutzman's book - 'The Spiritual Price of Political Silence" makes the case that a 'virtuous' people is even more necessary in today's world." 

"The Spiritual 

Price of Political Silence makes a clear case that political engagement is the birthright of every American.  In a practical and conversational way, Christy Stutzman arms people of faith with courage, hope and the tools to secure America's future.  She takes what is intimidating to most people and makes it easy to understand at every level!  This book is a hopeful expose on the steps we can take now- in order to save our republic!"

David Barton

Founder & CEO of Wallbuilders

"President John Adams once wrote, 'Facts are stubborn things.' Facts establish truth, and this book is full of both historical and practical truth. In The Spiritual Price of Political Silence, you will not only be inspired and encouraged with hope for our nation but also presented with a practical plan for how to achieve positive change. "

Melissa Ohden

Founder & CEO - Abortion Survivors Network

"The Spiritual Price of Political Silence eloquently captures the universal sentiments echoing across nations:America has long been a beacon of light, its foundation rooted in Judeo-Christian beliefs that have illuminated our path. However, ominous tremors now shake our once solid footing, as political and cultural conflicts erode the voices and values that once radiated America's brilliance. Christy's remarkable book serves as a clarion call, urging us to realize the cost of remaining silent amidst political turmoil. Time is of the essence, for both America and the world. Let us not succumb to darkness."

Blue Skies

Christy Chavers Stutzman

Christy Stutzman Author

Political Biography

Mrs. Christy Stutzman is a small business owner, writer, advocate for pro-liberty issues and the wife of former US Congressman Marlin           Stutzman. She is co-owner of The Barns at Nappanee, Schönbrook Farm, Show Hauler RV and several other businesses in northern Indiana.  From 2018 – 2020 she served as the Indiana State Representative for District 49.  She is highly respected for her knowledge of legislative issues, American history and conservative policies. 

     Christy has worked on state and federal political campaigns since 2006 and has been a featured speaker at political, Christian, and pro-life events for the past decade.  In August of 2014, Mrs. Stutzman began writing a weekly column for The Washington Times entitled “Just Sayin.’” ( ) She has written conservative articles for The Daily Signal online and has recently been a featured opinion writer for The Washington Stand by Family Research Council.  

      From 2018 – 2020, she served as Indiana State Representative for District 49, authoring and helping to pass legislation including strong pro-life bills, budgetary accountability measures, educational access issues and crafting the original Protection for Women's Sports legislation. She served as the Vice Chairman of the Public Policy Committee and served on the Agricutlure and Rural Development Committee, the Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee and the Statutory Committee on International and Interstate Cooperation.  


        From 2018 - Present, she has served as the Executive Producer

at The Round Barn Theatre and in an effort to keep the doors open during the pandemic, she authored and composed three musical stage productions over the past three years: “A Musical Christmas Carol”, “Land That I Love” and “When Calls the Heart: The Musical” which is based on the beloved book series by Janette Oke.  For these musicals, she composed a combined 53 original songs and helped to fully orchestrate them with producers in Nashville.  Each of her original shows has had a successful run and she is currently writing “Love Comes Softly: The Musical” which will premiere at The Round Barn Theatre in 2024.


      She served on the State Board of Directors for Indiana Right to Life for three years and served as the Capitol Hill Communications Director for Live Action.  She now serves as a board member for a new pro-life organization called ReProtection. 

      With her husband Marlin and her two sons, Payton & Preston, she enjoys time on their homestead, Schönbrook Farm in Howe, IN. 

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